Asperger’s dating

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be in a dysfunctional relationship with

Earlier today I ran across an ad for an Asperger’s dating web site.  Now I’m not at all opposed to the idea, but it seems there’s a higher requirement for compatibility here.  If two people triggered on completely different things, it would be that much harder to find activities both could enjoy.  On the other hand, think of the profiles on that site!  Megan and I were discussing what mine would look like:

Turn-offs: Crowds.  Loud noises that aren’t hard rock or heavy metal.  Strong chemical odors.

Turn-ons: Computer security of asynchronous messaging store-and-forward networks in the point-to-point and pub/sub domains.  Asymmetric keys.  Elliptic Curve Cryptography.  WebSphere MQ but only at versions 7.1 and higher with the latest fix pack applied.

Ideal Friday night: Unlimited pizza, Diet Coke and a short deadline.

Ideal Friday night WITH A PARTNER, you know, as in interacting another human being:  Oh.  Umm…Unlimited pizza, Diet Coke, a short deadline and a QA tester?

OK, we’ll spell this out for you since you are so literal minded – what’s your ideal Friday night that ends in sex?  Oh, that’ easy.  I give my daughter and her boyfriend some money to get the hell out of the house.  Then I eat pizza, drink Coke and write code whilst they have sex.



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4 Responses to Asperger’s dating

  1. Nillie says:

    You gave me a good laugh here.
    Sincerely, a young Aspie.

    • T.Rob says:

      Glad you liked it but what I’m really wondering is what your profile looks like. “Young Aspie seeks same. Likes long walks in the train yard, riding on trains, visiting the train museum, movies about trains. Dislikes: subways. If you don’t know the difference, don’t apply.”

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