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Asperger’s dating

Earlier today I ran across an ad for an Asperger’s dating web site.  Now I’m not at all opposed to the idea, but it seems there’s a higher requirement for compatibility here.  If two people triggered on completely different things, … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a good role model

As a computer security guy, I’m financially successful, work for a world-class company, co-authored a book in my field of expertise and have had a stable career.  I’ve been married for 30 years.  To the same woman, I might add.  … Continue reading

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FAQ: Ask An Aspie Reality Policy

Other web sites have a Privacy Policy.  I have a Reality Policy.  Welcome to my world. Hi, I’m T.Rob.  Yes, that’s my real name.  The short story is the name was thrust upon me by a manager at a store … Continue reading

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