This was me duringthe beta test phase

This was me during
the beta test phase

Here’s your chance!  You know you want to…

Submission Guidelines

There are only a few rules for questions:

  • Ask anything.  I’ll take on tough questions but reserve the right to decline to respond if doing so would violate the privacy of others or the question is too personal.
  • Keep it respectful.  That’s just basic netiquette.
  • Please do not construe anything I write as applicable to the autism or Asperger’s population as a whole.  I can tell you how it works for me and that might or might not provide insight into your situation.
  • The focus here is on Asperger’s, however it’s the only one of my sites with a contact form.  If for some reason I begin to receive comments for the other blogs through this site, I’ll post responses there.
  • Don’t ask questions that you really do not want to know the answers to.  Autistics are notoriously direct and I’m perhaps a bit more candid than most.

Comment Policy

I make every effort to refrain from moderation of comments.  The whole purpose of the site is to engage in conversations about autism and that includes opposing opinions. I’m happy for positive feedback but not looking to create an echo chamber.

There are limits, however:

  • Keep it civil. There’s a big difference between a passionate debate and a flame war. Passion for a cause is good. Pyrotechnics are not. Ad-hominem attacks are not debate.
  • Keep it relevant to the post to which it is attached.  If you wish to make a comment not covered by an existing post, please use the form above.  If you have something you’d like me to read or blog about, please use the form above.
  • Alternate viewpoints are welcome, alternate reality is not.  For example, vaccination is settled science. It won’t be debated here.

Personal Rules

I also have a few rules that I hold myself to here and in my daily life.  I don’t expect you to conform to these but, they might give you some insight as to who I am and the types of responses I’m likely to write.

  • Do everything as if you are going to sign your name to it.
  • Refrain from saying anything about someone that you would not tell them to their face.
  • Be truthful or be silent.
  • You must start with the assumption that you may be wrong in order to have a constructive discussion about anything.
  • If you are extremely confident in your position, there’s a better than even chance you are wrong and it’s time to seek more information.
  • You are the sum of all the things to which you have chosen to pay attention in the past.  What you choose to focus on next defines who you will become.  Choose wisely.
  • Share the victories, own the defeats.
  • Don’t ask of others that which you would not do yourself.