Killing autistic people A-OK with Facebook

Last night I posted a request to autistic friends and allies to report a Facebook page called “Exterminate all Autistics.”  Many did and by the next morning the page had been removed.  But earlier in the evening, one friend received the following email from Facebook:

We reviewed your report of Exterminate all Autistics. Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

Wow.  I assumed all they needed to know was in the title of the page.  If it wasn’t, the cover photo included the words “Euthanize All Autistic Children” which seems pretty clear to me.  Kind of makes you wonder what, exactly, the guidelines are for the people in charge of reviewing pages.

The friend who received the email also wondered how this could happen.  His take was “it must be because it didn’t contain any pics of breastfeeding.”  Best explanation I’ve heard yet.

If you run across a page on Facebook advocating killing anyone – be they autistic, disabled, gay, another race or religion, whatever – please report it.  The way to do this is to go to the page in question and look for the three dots somewhere in the navigation on the right side.  Depending on the type of page (Personal, Group, Political Party, etc.) the dots might be vertical or horizontal but they are always there.  Clicking them opens a menu of additional options, one of which is “Report Page.”

On a related note, I reported Pastor Steven Anderson’s anti-Semitic YouTube playlist, received no response from YouTube, and not only is it still up but they now won’t stop recommending it to me!  He hates Jews so much he created a special playlist with all the segments from his long-form videos where he focuses on them.  Here’s the titles.  Let me know if you think this is hate speech:

Israel Moment #01 – Christians are Citizens of Israel (Eph 2:11-19)
Israel Moment #02 – So-called “Jews” are not Real Jews
Israel Moment #03 – Jewish Synagogue = Synagogue of Satan
Israel Moment #04 – Revelation 3:9 on the Synagogue of Satan
Israel Moment #05 – Christians Inherit the Promises of Abraham
Israel Moment #06 – All Nations Blessed through Abraham
Israel Moment #07 – Christ-rejecting Jews are Children of the Devil
Israel Moment #08 – Abraham is not the Father of the Jews (Matt 3:9)
Israel Moment #09 – The Holy Nation is made up of All True Christians
Israel Moment #10 – Israel is No Longer the Holy Nation (Exodus 19:5-6)
Israel Moment #11 – All Unbelieving Jews Have Been Cast Off
Israel Moment #12 – The Jews are Our Enemies (Rom 11:28)
Israel Moment #13 – When Will the Blindness of Israel End?
Israel Moment #14 – The Physical Nation of Israel has been Replaced
Israel Moment #15 – Jews are Antichrists
Israel Moment #16 – Jews Worship a Different God than Christians
Israel Moment #17 – Taking Part in the Jews’ Evil Deeds
Israel Moment #18 – Military Support for Israel
Israel Moment #19 – Avoid Genealogies
Israel Moment #20 – Jews Don’t Believe the Torah
Israel Moment #21 – Unbelieving Jews are under God’s Wrath
Israel Moment #22 – The Jews Killed Jesus
Israel Moment #23 – Dark Forces Behind Israel Becoming a Nation
Israel Moment #24 – Jews are Spiritually Ishmael
Israel Moment #25 – Jews Persecuting Christians
Israel Moment #26 – The Jews are the Racists
Israel Moment #27 – The Elect (Chosen) People Will Not be Deceived
Israel Moment #28 – The Elect (Chosen) are Justified by Christ
Israel Moment #29 – The Elect (Chosen) are in Christ (Colossians 3:11-12)
Israel Moment #30 – Salvation is what makes us “elect” in the New Testament
Israel Moment #31 – Jews Read the Bible Blindfolded
Israel Moment #32 – Jews Worship a Female God Named “Shekinah”
Israel Moment #33 – The Star of David is a Fraud
Israel Moment #34 – Uncircumcised Jews in the OT were not God’s People
Israel Moment #35 – Becoming a Jew (Esther 8:17)
Israel Moment #36 – Today’s “Jews” are Uncircumcised in Heart
Israel Moment #37 – What is the Talmud?
Israel Moment #38 – Jesus in the Talmud
Israel Moment #39 – Creepy Passage in the Talmud about Jesus
Israel Moment #40 – Israel is a Spiritual Sodom and Gomorrha
Israel Moment #41 – The Sodomite Pride of Tel Aviv
Israel Moment #42 – More Scripture Calling Israel a Spiritual Sodom
Israel Moment #43 – Israel is the Cursed Fig Tree
Israel Moment #44 – The “Re-blossoming Fig Tree” Fraud
Israel Moment #45 – They are NOT All Israel which are of Israel
Israel Moment #46 – God is NOT with Israel’s Armies
Israel Moment #47 – Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Israel Moment #48 – Let the Unbelieving Jews be Anathema
Israel Moment #49 – Ashkenazi “Jews” are Actually Gentiles
Israel Moment #50 – Most Modern “Jews” are Actually White Europeans
Israel Moment #51 – Mathematical Proof that We All Descend from Israel
Israel Moment #52 – Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord
Israel Moment #53 – Israel After the Flesh
Israel Moment #54 – Jesus Christ’s Servants will Inherit the Promised Land
Israel Moment #55 – Jacob was Elect. Today’s “Jews” aren’t.
Israel Moment #56 – Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

If you agree that this crosses the line to hate speech, feel free to report it. (Same deal…look for three dots on the right.)  If not, I’d really like to know why.

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  1. T.Rob says:

    My comment policy on this blog is pretty liberal. Anyone can disagree, strongly, so long as they keep it civil. This post received a reply from “Ed” that was so over the top I decided not to approve it. Regardless of whether Ed’s argument in favor of euthanasia for autistics has any merit, such discussion is off-limits for Facebook, YouTube and other social media web sites. This is true both because of the services’ own TOS and because it is the law. For the same reason, I’m pretty sure the content would be illegal on my own web site. I do not delete many comments, but I draw the line for those that advocate mass murder.

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