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Out Of My Gourd coverThis blog and it’s sister The Odd is Silent are coming soon as a book!  I have a request for my author readers and friends.

I am trying to learn about the mechanics of publishing books and, as you may have picked up, I tend to learn best by doing things hands-on. With this in mind, I undertook to self-publish a collection of blog posts from The Odd is Silent and Ask An Aspie, focusing on those that are humorous and/or about autism.

As you may have also picked up on, I don’t do anything without an element of fun, and often that fun comes at my own expense. Which is how you can help. I would like to have quotes about the book from other authors to put in the “praise for this book” section  – these will be anything but. For example:

  • That you didn’t actually read it.
  • I paid you for the quote. (I will actually give you $1 if you require it for this to be accurate.)
  • Conversely, that I couldn’t possibly pay you enough to waste your time reading it.
  • I’m not as funny/autistic as I think I am.
  • That you don’t want your name associated with it. (Which would be its own joke because of the attribution of your quote.)
  • Any of the usual criticisms of my writing (too long, wrong audience, etc.) or the inverse (not long enough, insufficient detail, etc.)
  • Basically anything funny you can think of that doesn’t indicate you read any of the content, or that explicitly states you didn’t read it.

I guess in a way I’m self-publishing my own roast. Do you want in on this? I would be eternally grateful. (Where “eternal” = however long trade paperback print stock lasts these days.)

Based on the types of quotes I’m looking for, reading the book isn’t actually necessary. In fact, if you follow the blogs, you have read the book. However, I’ll happily send a PDF to anyone who wants one (or post it for download), and send a dead-tree version on request to anyone who contributes, once I get it to print.

Replies to this post will be considered eligible, however feel free to send them to me at outofmygourd@t-rob.net if you prefer privacy. If you know of other writers who would think this is funny (I miss CJ, he would probably have jumped on this), the more the merrier.

Apologies for the double posting if you subscribe to both blogs.

Thanks in advance!

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