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Intentcasting…to a roach?

OK, so it’s a robot and not a roach. But it is a robot that *looks* a lot like a roach. Researchers at Bielefeld University are experimenting with emergent behavior on a robot platform they named Hector. Their software thus … Continue reading

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Michael asks: What brings you happiness in your life? Well, it isn’t the number 42.  In the end it turns out, at least for me, to be what they always say it is – do what you love, in service … Continue reading

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The humility/noteriety spectrum

The first part of my life could be described as a long string of attention-seeking incidents. Some of them, like getting bitten in the head by a big dog at the age of 4, didn’t start out that way but … Continue reading

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US Autism Caucus activist directory

Yesterday in a Twitter chat with Lynne Soraya (you can visit Lynne on Twitter or Facebook), several of us were discussing how to compile a directory of the US legislators involved with the Autism Speaks to Washington event. Many of us … Continue reading

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Asperger’s dating

Earlier today I ran across an ad for an Asperger’s dating web site.  Now I’m not at all opposed to the idea, but it seems there’s a higher requirement for compatibility here.  If two people triggered on completely different things, … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a good role model

As a computer security guy, I’m financially successful, work for a world-class company, co-authored a book in my field of expertise and have had a stable career.  I’ve been married for 30 years.  To the same woman, I might add.  … Continue reading

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FAQ: Ask An Aspie Reality Policy

Other web sites have a Privacy Policy.  I have a Reality Policy.  Welcome to my world. Hi, I’m T.Rob.  Yes, that’s my real name.  The short story is the name was thrust upon me by a manager at a store … Continue reading

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Asperger’s and the DSM-V

DwH writes So what do you think of Aspergers’s Syndrome not being included in the DSM-V?  Do you think it somehow de-legitimizes Aspies? At first I was dismayed by the change.  I had never heard of Asperger’s until fairly recently … Continue reading

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Welcome to Ask an Aspie

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Ask an Aspie blog.  Although I have never tried to hide my Asperger’s, I have not until now gone out of my way to focus on it.  But after Sandy Hook it became … Continue reading

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