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The whole is more beautiful than
any one tile or any one color of tile

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Ask an Aspie blog.  Although I have never tried to hide my Asperger’s, I have not until now gone out of my way to focus on it.  But after Sandy Hook it became clear to me from the commentary on the Internet that many people harbor misconceptions, even to the point of fear, about Asperger’s and autism in general.  I don’t pretend to represent the Asperger’s community at large, but wish to add my voice to the growing number in the community who are sharing their experiences of autism.  I’m only one among many, but in sufficient numbers we will build a mosaic to reflect the diversity, complexity, beauty and, yes, even community of the autistic population.

My contribution to this mosaic will be to offer candid responses to just about any question.  I’ll start with some that I have already received over the last week, during the Aspies-as-perpetrators discussions and go from there.  I’ll consider pretty much any topic but may decline to answer if doing so would violate someone else’s privacy.  Contact me directly from the Ask page, feel free to message me or post to my wall on Facebook, or ping me as @tdotrob on Twitter.

I have had the good fortune to work in the Information Technology industry for most of my adult life.  I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, learning a bit about their cultures and tasting their foods.  The differences between us are an endless source of fascination, inspiration and wonder for me.  If we use those differences to exclude one another, our mosaic becomes a patchwork of colored blobs.  Patch of red, patch of green, patch of blue, and so on.  But if we celebrate our differences we can come together in an intricate pattern, to form the beautiful mosaic that truly represents the best of what the human species can be.

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